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Saturday 26 October 2019

Revenge Walk by Melissa Bowersock

Back with my friends, Sam and Lacey for their thirteenth case. We have a two-pronged story line in this one. They take on the case of a haunting, in which two young children are being bothered by a ghost. At the same time, they're preparing to open Sam's new ceramic art studio. The former seems to be straightforward, but Lacey is a little niggled by its straightforwardness. And the preparations for what they hope will be a successful grand opening of the studio are worryingly hampered by cruel vandalisation, which, they realise, points to one of their former cases, whose outcome seriously disgruntled some people linked to it.

The story is told with Bowersock's usual efficiency, conciseness and flow. It takes no time to settle into her comfortable and familiar style, and always manages to leave you wanting more.

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