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Saturday 9 June 2018

Blood Walk by Melissa Bowersock

When I set sail with this book, I’ll be honest, I was just a smidge apprehensive: book number 8. How long can the paranormal-investigative pair keep going? Or, more to the point, how can Bowersock keep the reader interested after so many books?

The answer is: successfully.

The changes are subtle with each adventure, but enough to keep you invested. Sam and Lacey’s personal relationship inches forward (happily) and their paranormal investigations take varied paths. And in this ‘chapter’, Sam is startled to discover that, abnormally, he is getting connectivity with a living person (in this case, the perpetrator of the crimes) rather than with the ghosts of he victims of tragedy.

The constant element of this series (this being the eighth) is Bowersock’s gifted style, making each instalment easy to read, enjoyable, compelling and a pleasure.

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