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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Murder Walk by Melissa Bowersock

After ten Sam and Lacey tales, I don't even think of them as characters in a book…they're more like my next-door neighbours. I'm in awe of Bowersock's ability to find compelling stories for the pair's ghost sleuthing. (And there are another two after this!)

In this instalment, events are pretty close to home: Daniel's (Sam's son) best school chum has been murdered. Police investigation is slow and Lacey is chomping at the bit somewhat, keen to find the killer, especially as Daniel is showing signs of having inherited his dad's ability to 'communicate' with ghosts. And if the murdered boy can identify his killer to Daniel, will Sam be able to protect him until the police find the culprit?

The quality of the writing and story-telling is consistently at optimum level, and you ease into the story quickly and comfortably. Sam and Lacey's personal life is an enjoyable back story…it never intrudes the main plot but gives you enough to feel and know the characters. 

I'll be honest: the paranormal genre really isn't my thing;  I very rarely give it the time of day, so it's quite something that Bowersock always has me looking forward to the next case.

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