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Monday 25 February 2019

Spirit Walk by Melissa Bowersock

When you get to book number eleven in a series, you don't just have respect for an author who can keep your attention eleven times, you have certainty and reassurance that you're in a safe and welcoming place. I so needed this after a book which I really did not like. Looking at my review list, Bowersock's eleventh Sam and Lacey case was the inevitable next book because I knew there was a hundred-percent guarantee of enjoyment.

And in this case, Sam and Lacey investigate the death of Sam's brother's (Gabe) friend. Written off as a tragic accident, Gabe doesn't believe his fall to his death to the bottom of canyan is an accident. After the ritual 'walk', Sam can confidently agree with his brother.  He and Lacey are tasked with finding who killed him.  But canyons can be dangerous…life-threateningly so.

I'm not going to apologise for saying the same as I do with all of the 'Walk' books, or indeed all of Bowersock's books: well-written, well-characterised, enjoyable and addictive.

And number 12 is waiting patiently for me in my TBR queue!

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