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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Fire Walk by Melissa Bowersock

This is the twelfth in the Sam and Lacey series. I seem to have peppered my reading list with their spirit/ghost mysteries for a while, to the point where I am beginning to wonder what will I do when they're no longer around every third book or so! Comfortingly, I think I have a few more to go before that stage is reached. 

The couple is required to get to the bottom of a fire which seems to plague a certain property in a small town in Massachusetts. No sooner is something built on the site…a former site for a church…than it gets razed to the ground. They uncover lies, secrets and a fair old bit of resistance by small-town mentality. 

Pocket-sized though these books are, you never feel short-changed: just pleasantly satisfied and eagerly awaiting the pair's next case.

Right!  Watch this space...I'll be back with Sam and Lacey in two or three books' time!

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