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Saturday 5 December 2020

Murder Ballad Blues by Lynda McDaniel

It's been a few months since I've been transported to the Appalachian mountains, and how lovely it was to be in Abit and Della's company again. Abit's older now, married with a young son. (Come on, Della, tell them what you know about Abit's 'condition', so that his lovely wife can fulfil her dreams!)

But time doesn't seem to have cured their insatiable desire for justice: two crimes in which the FBI are being blindsided. Abit is on the tail of a serial killer who is carrying out murders in the manner they're played out in ballads. Della is on the tail of money launderers. They're both walking on the edge of danger, of course. But that's Abit and Della for you! 

There are a few old faces still around, still as entertaining, still as colourful. And McDaniel has popped in a couple of new ones to add more fun and delight.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Abit's journey and development to adulthood and beyond. He's Della's surrogate son and McDaniel's portrayal of him is real and credible. You can almost see him in front of you. He's only 36, so I'm expecting him to carry on his justice-seeking. I think I need a vicarious Appalachian adventure every year. 

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