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Thursday 10 December 2020

Claire Whitcombe Westerns, Books 1-3 by DV Berkom


Historical fiction isn't my most-selected genre, I have to be honest. Not that I haven't enjoyed those I've read, however; I just seem to bypass the category. Now, I'm a big, big fan of DV Berkom. Her Kate Jones and Leine Basso series have been my favourite reads over the years, so I really had no hesitation in reading these three shorts, introducing a new kick-ass female, Claire Whitcombe. The only difference is, this lass is throwing her weight around in the late nineteenth century in the wild west. So, no NVGs, no GPS, no state-of-the-art weapons, no hi-tech correspondence or intel. Just her, her guns and her wits…and let's not forget we're talking pre the Emily Pankhursts of the world. Claire is in a man's world and she is awesome. In every sense of the word. 

Book One (Retribution) plucks her out of a heart-breaking tragedy that moulds her future. Book Two (Gunslinger) follows her as she takes her first job as 'bodyguard' to a well-known actress. And Book Three (Legend) takes her to a place she never thought she'd find after her heart-break. 

As readable, thrilling, compelling as all her other novels, Berkom transports you to Wyatt Earp and Jessie James country. But not in a John Wayne-clichéd way. There's been meticulous research and attention to detail. 

Thoroughly enjoyable and if there are any full-length novels on the way, I'll be all over them.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed them, Cathy! They were fun to write, and losing myself in the 19th century was exactly what I needed this year :-)