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Friday 15 January 2021

Mine by J L Butler

Let's get the gripes over with: firstly, be prepared to suspend disbelief. I can't imagine any lawyer, divorce lawyer, would act so unprofessionally. But, as I said, suspend your disbelief because, but for that, this is a cracking thriller. Secondly, as a former journalist, I expected better editing from the author. Grammatical errors ('was sat'), an inability to differentiate between adverbs and adjectives, and spelling errors. Again, though, this is a good read and well written, so one can overlook it (but not forgive it).

Notwithstanding the above, I really enjoyed this thriller. Fran is a divorce lawyer who takes on a high-profile divorce between a rich, charismatic, handsome man and his very attractive high-maintenance wife. Seemingly, just a question of sorting out how many millions she's going to squeeze out of him. Until…until Mrs goes missing without a trace. What has Mr Money done to her? Has he done something to her? And the final plot ingredient to all this…Fran embarks on a passionate affair with the client. What a mess. (I did say you have to suspend disbelief.) 

But…I couldn't put this down. Taylor can certainly write and produce some full-bodied characters. And you can't outsmart her: I thought I had it sussed many times. I really wasn't prepared for the final reveal. 

My gripes may not be your gripes…so definitely worth a read.

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