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Friday 15 January 2021

The Break Line by James Brabazon

I was well invested for the first half of the book. Max McLean, an assassin, is a solid character, despite his 'profession'. But, my interest waned during the second half as it descended into incredibility. 

After a mission that doesn't end the way his handlers commissioned, Max is dispatched to Sierra Leone to find the cause or the person responsible for the slaughter…vicious, evil slaughter...of people in jungle villages. What he discovers is hideous and horrific beyond belief. When he eventually finds the person responsible, he has to face difficult truths and the fact that he was probably not destined to return home.

An action-packed political spy thriller this certainly is. Brabazon is a very articulate writer, but apart from my disbelief as I approached the second half, I did get a little confused with who was working for whom and who was double-bluffing…or not. 

I have to say that the reference the virus passed from fruit bats to deer, who then passed it on to humans, was a bit jaw-dropping. The book was published in 2018. Uncanny, or what?

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