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Friday 20 November 2020

#taken by Tony Parsons

This is the third Tony Parsons book I've read and the third Detective Max Wolfe. Whilst I've read them in order, I've skipped over a few. I'm totally hooked on this author. He delivers. He's an excellent crime writer, but at the same time, his characters' relationships are credible and well observed.

This time, DCI Wolfe is hunting down kidnappers, who have taken a young mother. But they've got the wrong woman. Of course, our hardy Max has to wade through vile criminals, vile crimes and a whole heap of immorality to try to find her before the kidnappers carry out the inevitable. 

As always, there are twists and turns, nail-biting scenes and just general excellent page-turning stuff. Parsons has a wonderful way of explaining police procedures in a gentle, clear and concise way and unpatronisingly. The only thing that irritated me…again, but more this time…was the obsession with Max's BMX X5. The constant reference to make and model has now got tiresome. It's a car. Just a car. It hasn't put me off this brilliant author's work, of course, but, please, stop.

No sooner finished, than I'm hunting around for the next Parsons read!

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