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Monday 2 November 2020

Proving George by C H Hall

Sadly, this wasn't worth the reading hours I'll never get back. Dearie, dearie me…it was like watching a Z-rate movie through your fingers, not wanting to watch it but wondering if it could actually get any worse. 

Aside from the exacerbating poor editing...the irksome use of the apostrophe to pluralise, bad spelling (poor loosers (losers), led weight (lead), no harm no fowl (foul))...the dialogue was bottom-clenchingly awful. The plot, I've got to be honest, would have had some legs with better structure. It was enough to make me want to reach the end, but I really had to stretch my patience and tolerance. 'Show, don't tell' is a good author's mantra. Here, there was no showing, just wooden, cringeworthy telling. 

George and Debra's marriage is a bit shaky. He's working hard, away from home, and Debra feels neglected. He decides a nice romantic getaway will get them back on track, and his plans for the future to keep him at home more is going to be a wonderful surprise for her. But two bitchy friends convince her he's having an affair, so she decides to take revenge and use the romantic getaway for something quite different to teach her 'cheating' husband a lesson. It all goes pear-shaped, of course, all based on misinformation and misunderstanding. It then gets rather stupid and OTT when the owners of the getaway hotel get involved. 

This really was a cringefest, I'm afraid.

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