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Saturday 27 June 2020

Welcome the Little Children by Lynda McDaniel

I was a little upset towards the end of this book, as the title caught my eye: Appalachian Trilogy. Trilogy—three:  oh no! And this is the third book. I think I might cry.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this little series. And talk about character development! Abit, described by his father as 'a bit slow', just continues to grow. He has a such a refreshingly straightforward outlook on life. Things are what they are. There's a clear divide between right and wrong. He's loyal, thoughtful, committed, steadfast (sorry, Abit, I've pinched one of your words). Hmm...sounds like the perfect man!

McDaniel's trilogy is a treasure. Characters are colourful, entertaining, diverse, likeable. The plots in each book are well structured, well developed and complete. In this book, Abit and Della…whom I would describe as Abit's surrogate mother and saviour…are on the trail of a young mother who has upped and offed without a trace, leaving her two young children and their father, Enoch. The nature of her disappearance forces suspicion to fall on, amongst others, Enoch. But Della is like a dog with a bone, and she is determined to find out where the missing mother is and the person responsible. The trail goes cold, but two years later, coincidence plays into Della's hands. 

Ten years are neatly parcelled in this book. There's icing on the cake in the form of Abit's and Fiona's relationship. One teensy crack in that icing, though: a little snippet of information Abit's mother reveals. I'll leave that there. 

My half-hour nightly reading before lights out have been spent in the very best company. What will I do now?

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