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Saturday 27 June 2020

The Roads to Damascus by Lynda McDaniel

I was totally smitten by the first novel in this series. Abit, Della and Alex cocooned me in the Appalachian backdrop, and no sooner had I finished their first 'case', I was more than a little eager for their company again. 

We've moved on four years, and Abit has returned to education, previously curtailed by his father due to Abit's 'slowness'. It all goes well until a spot of bother with a girl. Not the 'bun in the oven' sort of bother. Something a bit more serious: fraud and con artists. And this 'nice' young girl, with her partner and mother-in-law, cunningly put Abit in the frame. His first port of call for help is Della and Alex, who arm their fledgling with a car, some intel and a 'you can do this on your own' shove. Abit is twenty years old, he's smart, he's resourceful: as far as they're concerned, he can find the lowlifes who have been ripping people off left, right and centre, but they'll be on call if things get tough. 

The first novel was narrated by Abit and Della in equal measure. Here, Abit takes the helm throughout: a sort of a nod to his maturity and schooling. And he's a good storyteller! His solo journey to seek justice and prove his innocence results in an experience of learning, revelation…and a rather pretty little Irish colleen.

Book 2 is always tricky when its predecessor is a five-star act to follow. But McDaniel has cracked it with flying colours. Book 3 is already on my Kindle, at Chapter 1, ready to be devoured!

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