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Saturday 26 October 2019

Gangster Walk by Melissa Bowersock

In this, their fourteenth case, Sam and Lacey get the opportunity to experience how the other half live when a multi-millionaire whisks them off to his luxury home, where his gardener is terrified of an unfriendly ghost in one of the extensive property's outbuildings. Lacey's research unearths the mysterious disappearance of a gangster many years previously and discovers that 'honour amongst thieves' doesn't always hold true. 

Bowersock is always true to her style…and to her readers. You never have to wonder if the next Sam and Lacey mystery is going to live up to the one before, before: it always does. Their business is always about releasing a ghost from its painful ties, of course, but each case is different, new and fresh.

Keep 'em coming, Ms B!

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