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Monday 1 July 2024

Beyond the Broken Shore by Rebecca Marsh


I'm six books into Marsh's masterpieces, and this is the third in the Princess Island series.

It's always an immense pleasure to lose myself in her books, if not into the company of Marissa and her family and friends on Princess Island. Her characters are real, credible, strong and likeable. You practically want to live on the island and be their friend and neighbour and support them through their trials and ordeals.

Marissa isn't a stranger to tragedy, and in this, she fears history may repeat itself. If that's not enough, Owen, her brother, has to deal with a less-than-welcome face from the past. See book details below.

Marsh brings an organic wholesomeness to her writing so that you feel the grief, pain, turmoil and yes, don't worry, pleasure of all her characters without ever thinking it's been overdone. The saddest thing is getting to the end. Just like a favourite TV programme, I immediately thought, oh no, when's the next episode! It won't be next week, but, whenever, I'll be ready and waiting.

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