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Saturday 22 June 2024

The Chamber by Will Dean


Up until the last few pages, I'd made up my mind that I was quite enjoying this: it's a little bit chokka with explanations about the severe constraints (and why) around saturation diving, but I kept telling myself they were necessary scene setters. However, I did welcome the relief of dialogue and action.

It's hard to imagine that in an environment where you can hardly move an elbow you wouldn't notice when someone was snuffing out members of a six-strong team, but that's what happens here. (See About the Book below.)

Despite the dense forest of technical blurb to understand the complexity, risk and skill needed to be a saturation diver (all quite interesting and it seems to me the only reason you'd be a saturation diver is for the money because the rest of it sounds absolutely dreadful), there's a fairly decent story there, but it's a little heavy-going. The ending is confusing, and I'm not a hundred-per-cent sure who actually did it or why.

I've not read this author before. I can't deny that he can plot a story, but I couldn't engage with any of the characters despite their dramatic and disturbing back stories.

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