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Monday 14 February 2022

The Rift Between Us by Rebecca L. Marsh


I've read two other books by this author. She has quite the knack of totally immersing you into her characters and their stories.

This is a wonderful family drama about three sisters who have drifted apart, much to their widower father's distress. He's unable to persuade them to mend the rift whilst alive, but after his sudden death, his will reveals a carefully constructed plan, a stipulation and condition, that forces the girls to reluctantly make an effort. Marsh takes us on their journey to break down the barriers of grudges, resentments, misunderstandings, grief. Each has a life-changing secret the others know nothing about.

The three books I've read by Marsh has confirmed to me her talent as a writer, but her skill is especially evident in her character portrayal: her characters are real, believable and likeable. They pull you in to their lives and their surroundings and are almost tangible. You know them and you feel them.

A lovely, beautiful story.

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