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Monday 14 February 2022

Dead Ringer by V. P. Morris


My first taste of this author was Shadowcast, which put her firmly into my 'read more of' list.

This is quite different. It's another thriller, about a young woman, Taylor, who assumes the identity of teenager Jamie killed in a case of mistaken identity. Taylor hopes it's a chance to put her troubled past behind her and have a life she believes she should have had.

A different story, but the same high quality of writing. The steady pace keeps you engaged and alert: is anyone going to twig that Jamie is not Jamie, her parents in particular? Is Taylor going to find the life she wanted? Is Jamie's killer going to realise he killed the wrong person? Essential answers that keep you committed as you bump into surprises, dark twists and a sly ending.

The moral of this story is quite simple: the grass isn't always greener. And of course, that I shall look forward to another book by this author.

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