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Thursday 2 March 2023

Summer's Runaway by Rebecca L. Marsh


After this, my fifth book by this author, I can safely say Marsh is most definitely in my 'favourite authors' list.

Apart from her immense skill in writing with emotion and conviction, Marsh brings you characters you can totally believe in and get wholly immersed in. Where Hope is Found's story continues here, its characters and their lives having moved on a couple of years. But a new one enters: runaway, twelve-year-old Hallie. And how brilliant Marsh is at getting into the head of a pre-teen. It's not an easy thing. Whilst you may remember what you were like at twelve (I don't), a generation (or two!) later, twelve-year-olds are quite different. It's a joy to be in the former characters' company again and Hallie is an added bonus.

Have the cast and their lives got legs for another book? I don't know. It would be lovely to meet up again, of course, but actually, I'll be happy with anything Marsh writes next.

I just hope it's not too long a wait.

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