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Tuesday 21 March 2023

Confessions of an Indian Immigrant: Dawn of IT Opportunities in the Land of Promise by Aithal


The first book I read by Aithal was 'India was One', which is absolutely charming. Shortly afterwards, I learnt he is an Indian living in America. The question did vaguely cross my mind, 'I wonder how/why he finds himself in the US'. Well, now, from this very engaging and interesting account, I do!

Fortunate to be in the path of opportunity, he didn't really have to overcome extreme adversity whilst building his new life in the US; it all worked out comparatively hassle-free for him. It was, yes, a big, big leap, a massive change of culture and very distressing to leave his nearest and dearest for a while, but a job, a (modest) income, some good friends and relatives were all instrumental in making his transition that bit easier.

It's a very enjoyable 'memoir', learning how Aithal gradually fitted into his new way of life with his wife and family, and how he gradually adapted to the very different customs, family dynamics, food and way of life in the US.

It's an easy read…Aithal engages the reader as if he or she is sitting right there beside him having a bit of a chitchat! Pop it on to your ereader…you won't regret it.

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