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Sunday 2 April 2023

The Monk by Tim Sullivan


I adore Sullivan's DS Cross books. Cross is a highly intelligent, meticulous and autistic detective. In this, he has to apply his uniqueness to finding the person who murdered a monk. The how was evident, but the why was the elusive question because why would anyone want to kill a monk? We have a further insight into his personal life (and personality) when he finally learns why his mother left him when he was a young boy. Details he, with his very special acuity, finds it not altogether straightforward to process.

Sullivan has the knack of giving you an easy read, despite twists, turns and complex plot. It's enthralling, fast-paced and he gives you not only the charismatic DS Cross, but wonderful characters in his police team.

Sullivan is a brilliant author and in Cross gives us a wonderful, intriguing and enigmatic character, who isn't hard to like.

I've now read two Cross books. Very fortunately, I have at least two more to look forward to.

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