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Wednesday 1 February 2023

Girl, Forgotten by Karin Slaughter

Though slightly irked by slack editing in the three Slaughter books I've read, she is without doubt a terrific author, so I can't resist her books. 

This picks up a character from Pieces of Her. One who, in that book, actually developed quite dramatically: Andrea. She transformed from a rather aimless and ambitionless young lady…and if I'm honest, slightly irritating…to being a trained US Marshal. Her intelligence and rationality really blossom. Her first official case is a hard one; it's a cold case with a personal connection to her. I must confess I enjoyed this more than Pieces of Her. 

A case that's forty years old means there's chopping and changing between two time frames, but this is done well, and there's a good pace to the story. I was unable to predict the dramatic outcome, and despite all ends being neatly tidied up, the latch isn't quite on the door. There's just the smallest chink of light, which I hope means we'll meet Andrea again. Slaughter's talent is in giving us diverse and interesting characters, a compelling plot and intelligent writing. I'm that much of a fan of hers, I will forgive her for forgetting to thank her readers in her profuse thanks to Tom, Dick and Harry and all in her acknowledgements.

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