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Monday 16 August 2021

The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter

This was my third rendezvous with Ms Slaughter. I'm a bit late to the Will Trent party and jumped in at #10 then read this, #9. Wrong way round but no less enjoyable.

I enjoyed this as much Pieces of Her and The Silent Wife. Slaughter knows how to nudge you to the edge of your seat and keep you there from the first word to the last. This certainly has suspense and intensity: Investigator Will Trent and medical-examiner-girlfriend Sara have to battle with unscrupulous extremists who are prepared to cause massive loss of life to get their message across. Things get even more serious when Sara is abducted by the same fanatics and Will has to put his own life in danger to save her.

Slaughter's attention to detail and meticulous research results in longish books, but the fast pace and drama mean you barely notice and just enjoy the ride.

I'm afraid I'm very fastidious about the editorial quality of books and did notice grammatical errors in the other two books of hers I've read. But there are many in this. The editor failed to net obvious ones, e.g.: lay/lie blunders (common in a lot of American books), a chord/cord misspell, a less/fewer mistake, a 'between you and I' (ugh! 'me' not I!), no understanding of adjective/adverb usage and many more. I got the feeling the editor only gave the manuscript one pass: any editor worth his/her salt would have caught those very basic errors on a second or third pass.

What does this mean for me and Ms S going forward? Hm. Not sure. Her books are certainly enjoyable and recommendable, errors notwithstanding. Having read three on the trot, perhaps I'll have a little break and come back to her in a while.

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