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Wednesday 21 July 2021

The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter


My second Slaughter book…but my first Will Trent one. It seems there are nine preceding this one. However, it's perfectly stand-alone.

Though enjoyable, my first Slaughter read (Pieces of Her), has a few grammatical errors. They made my nose twitch a bit but didn't annoy. However, the same and other errors kept appearing in this book and got rather irritating. Other niggles: the back and forth between two time frames would be much clearer if the chapters were dated. 'Atlanta' and 'Atlanta–Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/etc.' is confusing. The former is the present, the latter eight years earlier. But the reader has to work it out! Secondly, there are at least three loose ends that aren't tidied up. Lastly…the book is long, really quite long. Whilst the length of a book isn't an issue, repetitiveness that makes it so, is. Some elements are overchurned.

That all said, this thriller was good (yes, really!):  captivating, shocking, chilling and intriguing. It did keep me glued to the very end…the identity of the serial perpetrator of the heinous rapes and murder of a larger number of women really did elude me…and I'm not half bad at guessing whodunnit well ahead of time!

Slaughter really is an excellent, articulate and meticulous writer. And actually, I'm just about to start my third book by her, so I guess that's testament to my fandom…niggles notwithstanding.

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