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Monday 6 February 2023

The Cat Who Caught a Killer by L T Shearer

It's only after the first few pages that Conrad the calico cat (the one in the title) appears. No problem with that, I like cats. It just that…he talks. I thought, oh good grief, really? But I'm a 'I started so I'll finish' kind of reader, so after a few more pages in, I was surprised to find I was enjoying this. Really enjoying this!  It's a bit silly, yes, but fun silly.

There's incredibility, of course (you know, talking cats and that), and some not very believable characters, but essentially, there's a good plot in there. Suspend your disbelief and it's an entertaining read. The main character is a recently widowed retired police detective whose elderly mother-in-law, Emily, dies unexpectedly. A bit too unexpectedly, dementia notwithstanding, so her detective instincts kick in and she investigates. And the cat? Well, the cat walks onto her houseboat one day. And talks to her—as they do.

As I said, quite daft. But the author writes really well, and gosh, she managed to keep me entertained and glued to the end.

Dare I say, I'm rather hoping there's another instalment of the Lulu and Conrad adventures!


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