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Monday 20 December 2021

Deep in the Forest by Lynda McDaniel


How lovely to catch up with Della and Abit in a fifth book. A little bit different to the first four in two ways: firstly, Della and Abit are each pursuing their own mysteries because, and this is second, they're separated by about 4000 miles! Abit takes a trip to his wife's home country, Ireland, and nips over to England to see his old British friend, Nigel. Inevitably, he gets caught up with Nigel's dodgy deeds.

Although the charming Appalachian backdrop is missing, it's fun to see Abit in my homeland and in a place I know.

Differences notwithstanding, the important things stay the same: Abit is just as engaging as ever with a very endearing view of people and life, and Della continues to worry about him in her role as surrogate mum; As with all McDaniel's books in this series, there's a sound and compelling plot and her characters are 'real' and credible.

I never tire of Abit…we've seen him grow from a teenager to a married man in his later thirties and he's now like a good friend. So I hope it's not long before we meet again.


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