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Saturday 3 June 2023

Fear the Silence by Robert Bryndza


Bryndza is one of my favourite crime thriller authors. So far, I've read books in his Erika Foster and Kate Marshall series, so this is a first, for me, of his stand-alone books.

It's always a pleasure to read Bryndza's books: not only is he an excellent writer who pens a cracking story, but a very considerate and humble one too. His first port of call in his acknowledgements ia his readers. I love that…to all authors who forget their readers, please take note!

I thoroughly enjoyed this (full synopsis here). My heart was in my mouth virtually from page one…the suspense is heart-stopping. And what an explosive ending. At about ninety per cent, Bryndza gives the impression that it's all over bar the shouting and almost has you thinking, 'really…is that it?', and then pow!

Series or stand-alone, whatever. If Bryndza's written it, I'm going to love it!

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