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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Devil's Way by Robert Bryndza

I read my first Bryndza six years ago (Erika Foster #1). I recently read #7, which reminded me what an excellent writer he is. I wasted no time in picking up this latest Kate Marshall. Every book endorses his talent.

I was thrilled to see that this was #4, because that means I've got #1-3 to read! Bryndza's books are very addictive, well structured, well researched, and I love that his books are perfectly stand-alone. I've been reading his books in random order (just the way they've landed in my lap), and at no point have I scratched my head in confusion about any reference to the main protagonists' pasts.

Kate Marshall is an ex-police officer turned private PI, who with her partner, Tristan, in this book, is asked to search for a child who went missing eleven years previously, by his grandmother. She doesn't really hold out hope he's alive but just wants closure. Kate and Tristan uncover quite the tangled web.

I'm now totally besotted with Bryndza's books, and I've now got organised and have gone back to the beginning. Erika Foster #1, read. Now reading #2 (totally glued already). Next, Kate Marshall #1.

And if I haven't heaped enough praise on this author, I have an extra sprinkling for him for acknowledging his readers first and foremost.

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