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Friday 11 November 2022

Fatal Witness by Robert Bryndza


I first bumped (bookwise!) into Robert Bryndza about six years ago when I read the first Erika Foster. I enjoyed it and knew he and I would meet again! I think I waited a little too long, because this book reminded me what a terrific author he is. You know when you read a good book and think, wow, I've got to read ALL his/her books? Mr B is that author!

Erika is seven adventures in now and despite not having read five of them, at no point did I feel at sea with any missing information. This was perfectly standalone. A tense, frustrating (for Erika) and difficult investigation following the murder of two young girls keeps you engaged and frantically turning the pages. At no point did I guess who did it. I had a stab or two, certainly, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

The book fully deserves the five stars I've given it for plot, characters and writing, but if I could give six I would, the extra being for Bryndza humbly thanking his readers in his acknowledgements. Few authors do, but those that give us a nod have a special place in my TBR. It's a two-way thing: an author writes for a reader's pleasure and for that, I'm very grateful and, if I'm honest in awe. But an author doesn't really have a book without his or her readers, so thank you, Mr B, for your well-received thanks and appreciation.

I wasted no time and am already twenty-five percent into Bryndza's latest Kate Marshall. No six-year wait this time!

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