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Thursday 14 July 2022

Fatal Objective by D. V. Berkom


My reading year is never complete without a Leine Basso thriller. Actually, no, not quite true: my reading year is never complete without a DV Berkom thriller. It's a guaranteed 'jolly good read'. The absolute epitome of 'unputdownable'.

And this time, the indestructible former assassin is at a serious disadvantage: it's not very often we find our kick-ass lass disorientated and confused and on radio silence. Which must surely mean someone really rather nefarious is responsible. Her boss, Lou, and boyfriend, Santa are the cavalry to find and rescue her.

There's no lack of nail-biting action, thrills and spills, plenty of guns and eye-watering self-defence moves. Berkom pulls it out the bag every single time.

I dread getting to the last few pages in case there's a hint Leine might be hanging up her Glocks in favour of a quiet kill-free life. Nah…not a chance. To my relief, she's headed for another adventure next year.


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  1. Thank you so much, Cathy! Glad you enjoyed Leine's latest :-)