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Sunday 31 July 2022

A Midlife Holiday by Cary J Hansson


I rather enjoyed this. It's about three middle-aged friends, each having reached a crossroads in their lives. Not knowing which way to turn, a holiday in Cyprus...a destination deliberately engineered by one of the three with an ulterior motive...albeit ever-so-slightly bumpy, provides the answers for all three.

A sun-drenched island can't fail to provide the perfect backdrop, of course. Hansson portrays the sunny isle just like a postcard. Her skill, for me, was in the characterisation of the three fifty-something women, firm friends since university days. You could feel their pain, disappointment, desperation even, which all turn to optimism with hopes and plans for a different future.

Despite the fact it's a teensy bit stereotyped and clichéd (midlife crisis is an overworked plot line), flavoured with Shirley Valentine, it's beautifully and emotionally written. Late at night in bed, I was desperately urging myself with, 'come on, just one more page'.

Definitely a read-more-of author for me.

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