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Wednesday 15 September 2021

Handsome by Theresa Jacobs


This was an enjoyable crime thriller. It's a smidge shorter than your average book, but there's no skimping anywhere…and the only thing that alerted me to the number of pages was that I finished the book sooner than I finish most, and I wondered how I'd managed that.

It's very neatly constructed and plotted. A serial killer, a particularly handsome one, is killing couples with a certain penchant, and Detective Marcy Gagon is the lead in the case. Her instincts are good, but her personal life and an uncooperative chief of police threaten to throw her off kilter.

There's a good balance of focus between personal and professional. It's an easy, smooth, effortless read without an overly complicated plot. The characters are credible and well portrayed. It's a book with a satisfying pace and ending.

I love seeing that '#1' after the subheading…'Detective Gagon Novel #1' because it means, hopefully, there will be a '#2'. I'll be all over that!


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  1. :) Thank you Cathy! I am extremely happy to see you enjoyed the book. And yes, book #2 is out now. LOL
    The Cleaner, featuring Detective Marcy Gagon.