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Monday 27 September 2021

Lost Time by Winona Kent

Jason Davey Mystery #3…I gather, not having read #1 and #2, he's a keen missing-persons investigator. In this, his third case, he's asked to find out the truth about a young teenager who went missing some 45 years earlier whilst on holiday in Spain. He has to jump through quite a number of hoops to get to the truth, and people are not quite what they seem to be—all this while performing with his parents' band on their farewell tour.

It's a compelling story and you do have to stay alert: there are a number of characters to be introduced to, and there's quite a sway towards the band's music: its hits, the arrangements of those hits, the members past and present, etc. It's an interesting backdrop to Jason's investigative adventure.

It's a well-written and constructed story and motors along at a good pace and is very enjoyable. There are a few naughty grammatical errors, but when you get priceless lines like: “Where in the withering tits of Nell Gwyn’s strumpet arse are you?”, well, you can forgive them, can't you? There I was, nearing the conclusion of a really good book with a satisfying ending, and then I stumbled on that line. Thank heavens I wasn't drinking coffee at the time: I would have been all a-splutter!

I might have to catch up with Jason in books #1 and #2.  And hopefully #4!


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