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Wednesday 15 September 2021

Criss Cross by James Patterson

I've surprised myself: I'm an avid thriller/crime/suspense reader and yet, have managed somehow to not read a James Patterson. I've seen him rated, compared to and recommended, but my radar failed to pick him up. I don't know how that happened.

Net Galley kindly provided me with a copy of this book. However, I'm not going to thank them for the appalling copy. The pdfs were sprawled over about ten pages, words ran into each other: in short, a complete mess. If you're going to hand out books to get honest reviews then give them properly formatted and well-edited versions. My copy was unreadable.

I wobbled a bit when I saw that this was #27 of the Alex Cross books…an FBI consultant. But it stands alone perfectly. My first JP book has got me rather smitten, and I can see I'm going to be lining up a lot of his books to read. I like his writing: it's uncomplicated, direct, and easy to read. Here, Cross is being taunted by the elusive 'M', a gruesome, soulless, evil serial killer. It's fast-paced and compelling.

As I haven't read any other Patterson books, I can't compare it to any of his others. All I can say is, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it has certainly given me a taste for more of his books.

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