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Thursday 2 September 2021

The Perfect Betrayal by Lauren North


Although this was really quite good, it was let down by poor editing. A message for North's editor: read your grammar book and you won't miss 'was sat, was stood', you'll learn the difference between lay and lie (argh!), and learn about object pronouns: 'Dylan gave Tim and I'. ('And me', for heaven's sake!...another argh!)  But as an editor, you should know all this already.

Unfortunately, this was in present-tense narrative. Bad choice at any time, but especially with first person POV.

But, but, but, this is a compelling story about tragically widowed Tess Clarke, so desperately immersed in her grief and loss that she struggles to look after herself, let alone her son, Jamie. The effects are devastating and serious for her.

The circumstances of Tess's husband echo the real-life crash in the French Alps six years ago, and the ending has some similarities to a certain film starring Bruce Willis (I'll leave it there!). Nonetheless, it's a gripping book, and poor editing aside, it's a healthy start to a writing career.

Will I read any more of North's books? I'm not sure. I don't suffer bad editing gladly.

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