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Tuesday 29 September 2020

A Killing Game by Jeff Buick

Thank heavens I've finished this. I don't think my heart could take it anymore. It stopped, missed beats, palpitated and leapt to my mouth. 

I've already got a Bobby Greco thriller and its prequel by this author in my read list, both of which left me gasping for more. Detective Curtis Westcott is another dedicated, determined…and very clever...policeman. A kidnapper (and murderer of three other women) thinks he's cleverer, though, and gambles on a cat-and-mouse game with him, confident he'll never find his kidnappee in time. 

This is an absolutely brilliant crime thriller. Well plotted, well characterised, meticulous attention to detail, gripping, fast-paced and oh goodness, where's the thesaurus for words like excellent! Buick is an author who can write a captivating and exciting thriller with a capital T. 

I shall be following Bobby G and Curtis very closely.

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