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Saturday 29 August 2020

One is Evil by Jeff Buick

Have you ever read a book by a new (to you) author and then known you absolutely have to read every single word he's written? Buick is that author. Technically, I suppose, I've read two, but the first was a novella, a prequel to the Bobby Greco series. It was a real appetite whetter, and I dived straight into One is Evil. Boy, oh boy. Heart-stopping, gripping, real edge-of-your-seat stuff—with bells on. 

Extremely well crafted and written: an absolutely cracking plot, credible characters (good and bad), ones you really feel invested in. 

Bobby, now an ex-homicide detective working for an agency investigating fraud insurance, feels a bit of tingle when he's asked to check out an insurance claim by an extraordinarily wealthy widow. Ex, he may be, but, you can take a detective out of detecting, but you can't take detecting out of a detective. Something isn't right, not right at all. His investigation takes him into the deadly world of arms' dealers and to the unforgiving Russian landscape. 

This is a really classy thriller and brilliantly rounded up. No sloppy, quick tying-up of ends or far-fetched ones: sensibly and credibly brought to a conclusion, and whilst there were no loose threads, I did love that the door was left very, very slightly ajar for a sequel. 

An absolute gem.

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