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Saturday 29 August 2020

No End of Bad Guys by Jeff Buick

No End of Bad Guys is the prequel novella to the Bobby Greco series. It's the perfect aperitif to the series. It's a novella wearing big boy's trousers: it doesn't skimp on detail, plot or character development. You hardly notice it's not a full-length book.

It's a great introduction to Greco: a detective married to his job. His other marriage, to his wife, didn't pan out too well because of it. But his dedication…or maybe obsession…gets results. In this, he has to try and nail the perp of a kidnapping he's gut-convinced did it, and at the same time, his spidey senses wake up when he meets the mother of one of his daughters' school friends. 

Page-turning and gripping. I was hooked till the end and wasted no time at all (perhaps a nanosecond) picking up the first in the Greco series.

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