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Friday 15 May 2020

Shadow of the Jaguar by DV Berkom

Every time a Leine Basso thriller falls into my lap, my 'currently reading' book gets finished in double-quick time. I'm Leine's biggest fan!

She's back, with her daughter, in the Amazon jungle this time. Her boss's niece, Nancy, with her father, is on the hunt for an ancient traditional medicine. But the expedition stumbles on evidence that there is a 'lost' city of gold. Knowledge of which hasn't escaped a greedy, immoral, ruthless drug trafficker, Dario. He isn't going to let anything get in the way of the prospect of huge wealth for the rest of his pathetic days. Nancy's kidnap is a way to that end. It's up to Leine and her daughter to find Nancy and stop Dario exploiting an ancient site. 

The hardest thing for an author is a series. Each book has to be as good as the first to keep the reader's interest piqued, and I can honestly say, that this, number 10 in the series, is as excellent as the first.  As nail-biting, as thrilling, as action-packed.

And now I want the next one yesterday.

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  1. xoxo Thank you, Cathy! I'm writing as fast as I can :-)