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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Dark Return by DV Berkom

If eyes had breath, they’d be gasping for it from start to finish in this book!. Leine Basso is a proper adrenalin junkie and takes her readers on a drama-filled, fast-action, speed-of-light-paced adventure. It’s absolutely exhausting!

Once an assassin, now an operative fighting the human-trafficking trade, Leine’s latest mission finds her vying with a former adversary. Trying to save young refugee children, abducted from a Libyan refugee camp for unthinkable purposes, she realises that to survive she has to return to using some of her old skills: which will help her, but also put her in fatal danger.

Gripping, fast-paced, explosive thrills are guaranteed with this sassy protagonist. Berkom is just brilliant and knows exactly how to get your heart in your mouth and keep it there for the duration. Book number 6 in the series and each one gets better and better.

And the best bit: Leine doesn't quite wrap it all up...there's a very dangerous loose thread. And unfinished business is not Leine’s style, is it? Which is fantastic news for her reading public, because, of course, it means there’s more to come!

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