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Thursday 14 May 2020

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Thank goodness I finished this…I don't think I breathed after the first page! The suspense was like a snowball that starts the size of a cricket ball at the top of a hill and ends up a six-foot boulder at the bottom! There's tension and atmosphere from page one, then the intrigue just rolls and rolls and gets more intense, more thrilling and more twisty. What a story. 

Fifteen years separates successful artist Emma Davis's two trips to Camp Nightingale. The first ended in tragedy, when her three cabin camp mates went missing. It also marked the end of the camp, owned by wealthy Francesca Harris-White. But fifteen years later, Francesca is keen to reopen the camp and restore it to its former glory, and invites Emma along, this time as art teacher. She's nervous to return…the events affected her deeply for many years, but it's an opportunity to face those demons and perhaps find out what really happened to her friends. 

I was slightly knocked off my smug perch with this one. I usually guess the who did it (not necessarily what or why), somewhere between 60-80% into a thriller. Not with this one. I bounced between a few possibles, but I was totally unprepared for the reveal. Not only that, we get just one more brilliant final twist. 

Excellent book. My 'read more of' list isn't long. Exclusive admission only. But Sager has earned himself a well-deserved place.

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