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Saturday 11 July 2015

Slicing the Hype by Michal Stawicki


I found this rather interesting. I read a lot of good books by indies, and it’s a simply a case of taking a chance on new and unfamiliar names. On many occasions, the cover and blurb belie the content. Sometimes, the content comes as a pleasant surprise. Sometimes, you have to persevere, after a sticky start, to get to a satisfactory The End. The point is, you never really know if a book is going to be good or bad. The weather is very changeable between those covers.

This book aims to help readers of non-fiction pick up genuine ebooks on their selected topics. It helps the reader filter out the real deal from the flotsam and jetsam clogging the biggest book store in the world.

Although focussed on non-fictional books, a good deal of the advice can be applied to fiction. Some authors may find some of the advice comes as no surprise, but I’m not an author, so the material, for me, was informative.

I was extremely impressed by the book’s presentation. English is not the author’s first language. Nonetheless, it’s clear, concise, well written and impeccably edited. If the indie books I read were even half as well edited, I’d be a very happy reader.

It’s only ninety pages long, so can be consumed in one short sitting. If it helps you choose just one genuine ebook, fiction or non-fiction, it’s worth that couple of hours.

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