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Sunday 12 July 2015

Beware the Seventh Wave by Maureen Gregory


This is a debut novel by this author, and there's absolutely no doubt Ms Gregory shows a lot of promise. She can certainly paint a colourful picture with words.

Emma believes she has found the perfect man...Mark—good-looking and well off—and their relationship is heading for a fairy-tale ending until the green-eyed monster in the form of Alicia intrudes, a woman who tramples on everyone and everything to get what she wants. Distraught and heartbroken after their break-up, Emma retreats to her parents’ home and former employment, where she meets the safe and steady Phil. They wed, but the marriage is strained, as a piece of Emma’s heart remains with Mark; inevitably, it ends. Tragic news from Mark after Emma and Phil’s separation finds her back in his arms. However, this time, some shocking truths shatter any dreams of a forever future with her former lover.

The writing grabbed me right from the first page. I can only repeat that this author really does paint a picture with words. That’s hard to do…it can so easily be overdone, but in this case, it’s perfectly balanced, blended skilfully with a well-structured plot, a varied, interesting and well-developed cast of characters. It’s a book that keeps you engaged and guessing right to the very end…quite literally.

A debut novel is a nerve-wracking venture for a new author, but Gregory has nailed it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was delighted to read in the appendix that she has a new novel in the pipeline, which I shall certainly look forward to.

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