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Sunday 12 July 2015

A Superhero in Every Box by Christeen Bauer


This has the makings of a quite a cute little children’s story, one with a subtle message. It explores the power of advertising to children and parents’ constant struggle to prevent their children being mesmerised by hype. 

Cereal packets often have appealing little gifts to attract children, little Tommy being no exception. But his must-have behaviour in public results in Mum having to teach him a thing or two.

The message is subtle but clear. However, there are number of things that trouble me. Books for children have a duty to be well presented and impeccably written: they are after all learning/teaching material. So when a book begins ‘A lesson in public behaviour and learning to except the unexpected’, I’m already worried. ‘Except’? 

I didn’t really like the random, inconsistent use of capitals for entire sentences, and there were a few grammatical errors. Although the illustrations are bright and cheerful, and Tommy’s character is very adorable, there was an incongruity between Tommy and his mother’s caricature, almost as if two people with completely differing styles had illustrated the story.

I read this to my grandson, who enjoyed it…he wanted to read it again immediately after the first time…but of course, he was attracted by the colours and my story-telling, being too young to take note of the finer details.

Fun, but with some flaws.


  1. I guess it is a book, for every child across borders and lands. Thank you for the review. Wonderful read, Cathy.

  2. I think I'm more disappointed in errors in children's books than I am in adult ones.