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Friday 19 June 2015

A Brutal Trade by Faith Mortimer


Looking at the list of books I’ve reviewed, I discovered I’ve read fifteen of Faith’s books. So, for starters, she’s one prolific author. Secondly, fifteen novels is testament to my fondness for them. My TBR would be incomplete without the next Mortimer Masterpiece!

A Brutal Trade has us bumping into Diana Rivers again. She simply can’t help getting involved in crime-solving. One sniff of trouble and you can be sure she’s pulling out all her amateur-sleuthing skills to help the local Cypriot police find their criminals. She has her work cut out in this gritty instalment.

When two oriental immigrant women are found horribly mutilated, Diana and her colleagues find themselves having to face the awful truth behind the murders. Money and power are the mighty weapons behind one woman’s ruthless ambition to get what she wants for love. And she’s not going to let Diana and a team of detectives get in her way. Ms Rivers has found herself in some tight corners over the novels, but her determination knows no bounds and this time, it’s serious.

This is the seventh of Diana’s adventures and it’s like opening the door to an old friend. You almost want to say, 'Oh no, now what are you getting us into, Diana?'

Enjoyable, gripping and eventful to the very end, you turn the last page exhausted!

Written with her usual easy-going and crisp style, I guarantee this won't disappoint.

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  1. What a fantastic review! Thank you so much Cathy! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book. xx