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Sunday 14 June 2015

Mommy, May I? by A. K. Alexander

Well, this was an unexpected little gem. I dived straight into it not knowing much about it other than that it was a thriller, but that if it was in my collection of TBRs, then I must have thought it had promise when I downloaded it. And that, it did.

Helena Shea is an ex-model who has had press coverage for both good and bad reasons, the latter on account of an affair with a married man at a young age and then a bad relationship with drugs. Following rehab, she rebuilds her life by setting up her own modelling agency and building a home for young single mothers whose paths have taken them to an unhappy place not dissimilar to hers. A threatening phone call, a fire and its devastating effects suddenly rock Helena’s rebuilt world, but when evil touches her estranged daughter, Helena has to dig deep into her troubled past to search for whom might be so intent on seeking revenge. Little does she know that a sick and twisted killer is way too close to home for comfort.

The story wastes no time and ensures you’re well and truly hooked. It delivers on suspense and there’s a gosh, I didn’t expect that moment towards the end that seals a well-earned four/five-star stamp for this novel. The writing isn't quite as sophisticated as it could be, perhaps, but the characters are well combined and profiled, and the author portrays a depraved killer with unnerving skill.

 I’m glad I squirrelled it onto my Kindle!

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