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Friday 27 March 2015

Angel Girls by D. S. Ingram

Well. It’s only March, and I’ve already come across my ‘worst read of the year’. Dear, oh dear.

I really can’t believe this book was written by an adult. The writing is immature and puerile. But the gravest of sins is that this book hasn’t been anywhere near an editor. The author has no grasp at all of the past/past perfect tenses, obviously decided to grab a truckload of commas/semicolons/capital letters and throw them randomly at the text, hoping they would land in the right places (they didn’t) and must have looked at an apostrophe and decided it would look rather good to make plurals…they certainly weren’t used to mark possessives. There was spelling error after spelling error, and the prize goes to the character who sent a reef to a funeral. For crying out loud. Do you think it was a coral one? And if you’re going to use a famous Shakespearean quote, for god’s sake get it right. It was also cumbersome to read as no dialogue appeared in a new paragraph.

This story was told. And I mean TOLD. There wasn’t one, not one, instance of ‘show’. The writing is bland, monotonous and the characters equally so. Very little happens till about sixty or seventy percent of the way through, and the ending is rather hurried. And then, there's the head-hopping...

What was it about? Well, it doesn’t really matter…I can’t recommend it. The premise for the plot wasn’t half bad, if I’m honest, but it was in the wrong hands. If this had been the first indie book I’d ever read, it would have been the last. Fortunately, I know that there are some first-class indie authors around.

I never ever give up on a book; I always read to the very end. But this book had me teetering on the ‘don’t waste any more time on this’. So, I’m annoyed.

The author sat down and wrote a book. For that, she deserves a lot of credit: it requires determination and discipline. But to bypass the editing process is insulting to her readers and arrogant.


  1. Thanks for the warning. It is a shame someone goes to all the effort to write a book, then just throw it up on Amazon without a second glance. We can hope she will take your review to heart and put more effort into the book to polish it up.

  2. Wow, what a shame you wasted your time on it.