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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Curses The Witch's Cat - Pumpkin Seeds by Frances Ermengarde

This is the second book following the adventures of Curses, the witch’s cat.

Halloween would be unthinkable without pumpkins. But it looks awfully like it’s going to be a pumpkin-less event because the seeds for the timely crop have disappeared. Curses is just the cat to get to the bottom of this dastardly deed, and he and his friends pull together to find out who stole the seeds.

This is a lovely little rhyming tale with some engaging illustrations: bright, colourful, cheerful and very appealing, cleverly depicting the neatly told story. I’ve read this to my grandchildren repeatedly, as the ending always elicits an ‘Again please, Nonna!’

Whilst reading to children is a joy, the task is so much more enjoyable when the material is as delightful and entertaining as this.

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