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Friday 3 April 2015

Beware the Night by A. Kale


This wasn’t a very long book—a novella, in fact, so imagine my surprise when I got to about seventy-three percent and I’d reached the epilogue. Good grief, I thought. This is going to be a mighty long epilogue. It wasn’t, of course. It only took up about two percent. The remaining twenty-five percent was dedicated to excerpts from other books (the author's). So I felt a tad cheated, if not just a little disgruntled by this.

That said, it’s not a bad YA horror novel. Horror isn’t up there amongst my favourite genres, but I did actually find myself rather glued to the pages. Adam and his father, Dr Alfred Novello, lead a rather nomadic existence, never staying in one town for very long. Crofton is where they find themselves, after the death of Adam’s mother. Their new apartment, Adam’s new school, his new friend, Macs, and an unpleasant group of bullies called The Ghosts all combine to make Adam’s arrival eventful, frightening, revealing and dangerous.

A few editing errors, yes, but on the whole quite well written. My reservations centre mainly on the somewhat stilted dialogue between Adam and Macs (who became BFFs incredibly quickly, I thought), and their lack of character development. If I had to describe either of them, I’d be desperately short of words. 

It was a slightly skinny story. It needed more meat on its bones. However, if you like horror and a quick read of a decently written shortish story, it won’t disappoint.

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