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Tuesday 21 May 2024

The Secret Truth by Barry Finlay


It's always an immense pleasure to catch up with widower Jake and his policewoman friend, Dani. He's a retired reporter, but his investigative nose simply hasn't had the memo. In this, his third 'case', he finds himself narrowly missing an untimely end, or I should say 'ends'...much to Dani's distress. Their relationship has been cruising along steadily till now, but they finally turn the cruise control off and go up a gear!

Finlay writes with conviction and authenticity, as always, and I certainly didn't guess 'whodunnit'. That 'wow, I wasn't expecting that' finale is always the icing on the cake for a well-written and enjoyable book.

Jake is a very likeable character: he's honest, he's dependable and he's very determined. It's simply a joy to be in his company for a few hundred pages. Dani may not be too happy about the undesirable predicaments he finds himself in, but, of course, it's those very spots of bother the reader loves!

Don't retire from investigating, Jake.

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